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Actopus to Zelephant Album - the beginning of...

Posted on | Wednesday, April 27, 2011 | 1 Comment

This is the start of a complete album series named "Actopus to Zelephant" from K & Co.  It is all about animals from the letter A to Z with a page (or double page) for each letter.  I have photographed here the letter H.  This is the second page of two.  From a creating point of view I have used the Dusty Attic Chicken Wire Panel to complement this paper range.

Here are some close up photos down below. The chicken wire was created using Tattered Angels Glimmer Glaze (Pewter), silver Rub n buff and some Dimentional magic. 

I have a fold out tab under the quote "Cute Chick" as I prefer to keep my journalling hidden where possible.  I do however have a mini folder with co-ordinating cards especially for journalling with this album.

It is dedicated to my 7 year old son, therefore it is aimed at his liking and his taste.  He will enjoy this album now and probably again when he has children of his own.  It is not my style but he will cherish it.

The little cat embellishment down the bottom has some of his dad's pigeon feathers stuck in the nest (made from a real twig) for a little bit of fun and he thinks these particular photos and this page is fantastic!!!

And now for the album that will hold all of these precious pages:-

K & Co. are one of my all time favourite companies as they take alot of the hard work out for you.  Their themes and styles are on the most part classic ranges which will stand the test of time.  I am quite certain that the work I have done using their products will be enjoyed for all the years that they last.

Hot Chicks!!!

Posted on | Saturday, April 23, 2011 | 1 Comment

Hi everyone, I am uploading a special treat that we get every Easter to share with you and yours.  This is especially nice for the children to see...

This is our gorgeous cat, the kids say she is a bit posh.  She's not worried, but she IS trying to get some peace and quite in this cosy brown paper bag...
BECAUSE it is very noisy in our house at the moment...

Tap, tap, tap, chirp, chirp,chirp...
These are in our little orange incubator, that sits on our kitchen bench.  You put the eggs in, plug it in, turn it on and in exactly 21 days later you get this...
 two more...
 Starting to dry out and fluff up...
 Then they get upgraded to a bigger room...
 They sometimes fall asleep standing up!

 A Cute Chick - and they all get names like fluffy and clucky and even omlette!!!
 Then they all get some serious attention and love...
 and get a little spoilt (like us:)...

So tell me which came first, the chicken or the egg? (you can leave a comment if you would like to)...


PS:  If you have a wee moment to click the FOLLOW button at  the top of my home page, I would be a very happy chicken and I will feel immense gratitude :) It could also be a good thing to share the love on Facebook too.

PSS:  I would highly recommend going to the movies to see "HOP" this Easter.  I loved every minute of it.  EB is hillarious, it especially tickled me when he goes to see Hugh and asks if he can be a "Bunny"!  EB has touched my heart and will always make the sun shine so much brighter for me....Enjoy, your life - have fun whatever you may be doing, and do whatever you have to, to be happy in this life..

warm regards,
Nancy Winter
from myShabby Chic Attic

If you would like to try hatching some chickens for yourself one day, it is actually pretty easy.  We purchased an incubator from a fodder store for approximately AUD$90.00.  As I said earlier it takes 21 days and you just need to be able to turn them a few times a day.  But where you purchase your incubator from will no doubt be able to give you some advice.  Perhaps you could purchase online also???

Cool Cat and Cute Chick!!!...

And here is a chicken that we have created earlier...

From a creative point, I have used the Chicken Wire Panel from the Dusty Attic #DA0177 and the Actopus to Zelephant range of papers from K & Co.  This range of papers suits my youngest son so very well.  He just adores animals and I have an abundance of photos of him with them!!!  That is where the ABC of this range is so good as I will end up with a whole album that co-ordinators including the album which is also available to purchase.    I have used some real feathers from our pigeons to make the little nest under the cat and a real little twig.

The Chicken wire was made with Tattered Angels Glimmer Glaze (Pewter colour), Pewter Rub 'n' Buff, then some Ranger Stickles (Frosted Lace) and finally some Dimentional Magic. 

Lots more in this range to follow... 

New Tutorials and New Layouts

Posted on | Sunday, April 17, 2011 | 3 Comments

I have recently added another layout to the Mystical and Fantasy section with a tutorial on same in the tutorials section...

Dusty Attic Product Winner

Posted on | Sunday, April 3, 2011 | 2 Comments

Wow now, without further ado I am going to announce that the winner is:_

Louise Dahlstrom

Lou's blog is just AMAZING and I spent SO much time there and was just totally captured by it!  You would be giving yourself a real treat to go and visit her there :)

Our extremely talented and beautiful Michelle Grant is having her giveaway this month, so for a second chance (and to soften the disappointment(I wanted to give it to everyone!) I would suggest to hop over to her blog at

Also in reply to a few comments about where to buy Dusty Attic chipboard from, if you go to the Dusty Attic site home page there is a button at the top that reads RETAILERS, if you go there you will be able to find a few online stores now...

Have fun in whatever you may be doing...

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